Color’s Satranji Craft – one of the leading handicrafts and lifestyle brand in Bangladesh, started its journey on February 02, 2015 with the aim creating a large market for handicraft and handloom products to empower rural artisans. Colors Satranji been always tries to give the importance on quality of product, design and above all customer service.

Over time, Colors Satranji designs have changed, as well as innovations in the products line. From Satranji (Rugs) to Handloom Clothes and clay pots to Jute goods, Colors Satranji vast range of innovative products, backed by a good supply chain and distribution network, makes Colors Satranji truly a household brand in Bangladesh. Its growing presence outside of Bangladesh – through networks and the online shop– continues to broaden the market for Bangladeshi crafts globally, creating more opportunities for artisans to protect their age-old art and livelihoods.

The tradition and culture of Bangladesh has always been predominant in Handicraft and Handloom Products. Local raw materials, especially Handloom and local textile mills fabrics are predominant in the manufacture of garments. Colors Satranji Rugs for all. In addition to clothing, there are home textiles, Jewellery, Jute goods, leather goods and various handicrafts.

We are working to empower Bangladeshi crafts people, mostly women working from their homes, by supporting them in their efforts to attain a higher standard of living for their families. We seek to educate consumers about Nakshi design and other Bangladeshi Rural Styles,while allowing them the opportunity to support skilled artisans in our global community.

The Unique Handicrafts sold by Bengal Crafts are produced by crafts people in rural areas who have limited access to healthcare, education, and basic nutrition. Through the promotion and sale of Handicrafts in the World, Bengal Crafts helps Bangladeshi Artisans improve their options for a healthy life that so many citizens around the world can feel better, helping these great artisans in developing country – like Bangladesh.

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